5 Decisions to make before getting your website

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A website is a digital asset, this many know. But unlike buying land or owning a building, owning a digital building (a website) requires continuous efforts.

Many businesses and people are just thrilled and buried in the euphoria of owning a website but right before making the advancement to have a product for the said brand; they miss out on tapping into the reality of things.

For many startups or single-man businesses yet, the reality of things is strongly influenced by key players in the team or founders themselves. The way of life, how much freedom there is in the everyday life, purchasing power… All this is mapped as the Reality of things. Before choosing standards with an agency such as Inclide or settling for a freelancer on Fiverr Upwork; a play-by-play on the reality of things needs to brew up some questions.

Some of which ill outline as:

1. What type of website do I want to “Clone”?

Yes!!! This is the obvious truth. In Product Management and Business it’s called “competitor research”, and “market analysis” to name a few keywords. But I’ll use the layman's term “Clone”. It poses a question that needs to seriously be answered. “what do I want my website to look like or feel like or structured as?.”

Why need to answer this question, this will serve as an in-depth revelation to your market in competition and serve as a yardstick for pricing cause the more complex it becomes in functionality, the more capital intensive it tends. Then you’d be able to know if you can settle in for an MVP. (don’t know what an MVP is?…. send me a DM… I’ll explain more.)

2. Why do I need this website?

You probably be thinking this ought to be number 1 right ?, Well… Maybe, but having known the particular kind you need will help u answer this question. “Why do I need this website?”, Is it to make sales? For display? Or just for brand bragging rights?.

Further answering these questions will help streamline a “Custom” feature list for your website; so you realize it won’t be “Cloning” but rather building a tool for your business to easily provide value for your customers.
Always start with Why?.

3. Yes I can afford it, Do I have time for it?

It’s a simple truth if you already know why u need a website, Do u have enough time to put in the work? If you say your business website is for sale, that means all activities as to move to your website, do you know what that means?

You need to get emails. There have to be follow-up emails, contacts, is it reoccurring payments? Do you need to give a confirmation?

Maybe it’s just a display website, and all your social media contents also need to be up in your “Blog.” Yes! There are tools to automate your workflow with your website, do u have enough time, in reality, to see it all work smoothly, do you have enough time, reality, to put in the work.

You probably would need an extra hand if not hands. yes, you can afford the website can you afford the extra work for the website?

4. Maintaining and Update.

This part is quite tricky, yes I said a website is an asset… But why need to maintain like a car? It is just simple truth. Things break websites sometimes too. Will I be updating the content on the website like pictures or tools used to build all by myself?

Do I need to learn how to do that? Can I afford to pay for timely maintenance? Will my website builder handle maintenance for me?

….. It goes on, one needs to put on some reality check on this before concluding on getting a website. So it doesn’t take forever to load after six (6) months.

But you should know this, the team at Inclide never leaves clients lonely 😭, On top of that you enjoy 2–3months maintenance-free, just contact support Inclide for you. (visit here)

5. Billings never end. Sometimes it gets BIGGER!.

Oops 😬… That’s right, billings never end. You need to “renewal.” (allow me to say it like that.) “Hosting”, “Domain” …..” Plugin” to name a few all get expired. That’s one of how GoDaddy makes money, and yes the bigger brands renew too.

Giving these reality checks a deep thought is important, so you don’t get in your feelings when you receive that “Domain-Expired” email.

6. Can I Handle it?

I know I said 5 decisions before getting your website but lastly, you are now a product owner, founder, CEO, manager… Anything you would like to call yourself alongside your previous title. You need to think of strategies and ways alongside your “Sales Team” or “Sales Skill”, “Marketing Team” or “Marketing Skill” to bring to life your Why? Or Goals you set for owning a Website. Remember bills never end and an Asset appreciates so your Website ensures it is self-Sustaining.

Your business/brand owns a Product now, that are two things to think about on a daily
“your business” as one entity, “your product” as another.
Questions would start to arise, how do I make it scale? More user-friendly, improve the user journey, Search engine worries (This one is an e-book of worries if u ask me.), and many more.

You need to ask yourself, “Can you handle it?" Building a brand takes a lot of mentals you need to be positive enough to move forward because that’s all you’ll need sometimes… Positivity.

So here is the thing. If you read to this point, believe me, you already conquered any doubt that may arise from reading all of this. You would want to get started, already at this point, or do you need strategies for growth/sustainability?

I didn’t write all this to scare you, building a Digital Product (website or app) is still one of the best gifts a brand can give itself.

I would love to join your team, hear from you, and see what you built or decided to build. Read on how I can help here: https://bit.ly/3tUg6Ar

Building better products are my help. Besides being an advocate for making our lives on earth better by creating household digital products; at leisure and more, I make music with the name King Ojem.

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